August 15, 2020

Ways to Help Prevent Diaper Rash in Babies

You might have heard of a diaper rash. What could cause it and how can you best avoid it? Read further to find out how and so that you will also know how to use a baby diaper properly.

Make Sure to Change the Diapers Frequently

Newborn babies may need to change their diapers about 6-10 times daily, depending on if they have a diaper rash or not.

Make sure that you always look at their diaper if they’ve already pooped or peed. Usually, you will need to change their diapers within 2-3 hours. Make sure that you dispose of the soiled one and replace it with a clean and fresh diaper.

Use Baby Wipes Sparingly

Even though they are mostly created with hypoallergenic ingredients, use baby wipes sparingly still. That is because not all babies are the same and your toddler might have an allergic reaction with some of the ingredients that are used in them (which may also cause a rash).

You can spot if the baby wipes are the culprit by looking at the spot where you usually utilize them. If you see that a rash has formed, then they are the suspects.

Allow Their Skin to Breathe

Sometimes, you just have to let their bottom part breathe for a while. In other words, you should allow their legs and butt to breathe by not putting on a diaper.

Put them on a blanket or a towel and allow them to play around. It also helps to put them in a room where accidents are less likely to happen.

Don’t Use Talcum Powder

Conventional wisdom would state that you should use talcum powder and apply it on their bottom, but that is actually discouraged in this day and age. That is because such powers can be inhaled by babies and could potentially bring danger to them.

What you can use instead is a cream that has either titanium or zinc as their main or active ingredients. Using these creams can help shield your baby’s bottom from pee and poop (especially their harmful effects).

Be Wary of the Warning Signs

Diaper rashes can be caused by many things. If it was caused by bacterial or yeast infections, then it would need some prescription medication or topical solutions.

The most obvious warning sign would be small red patches, blisters, or bumps. In some cases, there will be spots where pus is present.

Rashes usually come and go on their own, but if it lasts for more than 5 days, then you will need to consult a doctor.

Just a Few Tips:

  • Never become too overzealous when cleaning your baby’s bottom. If you clean it way too much, you could potentially remove all of the good bacteria as well. Again, do not overuse baby wipes as this may lead to rashes.
  • If your baby is a couple of months old and is susceptible to diaper rashes, it could be possible that it was due to the food that they ate. Foods that are rich in citrus such as orange, lemons, and tomatoes may lead to rashes more often than other foods.
  • Diaper rash may occur even if you are careful. Do not worry and just let it do its own thing. If it persists for more than 5 days, then you should consult your baby’s physician.

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