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What is Life as an Architect Like?

Being an architect can be hard. From the moment you step in an architecture school to the time that you are working in an architecture company.

People know of these people as just the ones creating and overseeing the entire operations of the construction of a building- or perhaps just the renovation of a home, for that matter.

But, how is it really like to be an architect? Well, I have actually interviewed five real architects to find out what it is like being one.

A Typical Day

A typical day for an architect would be something like this: you wake up to look at the projects that you have designed and confer with your clients to tell them how the construction of their buildings are going.

Some clients would want to know the progress of the project- to which you would happily give it to them. Some would argue that this isn’t what they wanted, so you would go back to the drawing board to help appease the clients, while also ensuring that is still feasible to change things during the middle of the operation.

The Typical Month

What usually happens in a month is that almost every day, we are talking to the clients to give them a substantial report about the progress of their building. There might be some changes that need to be made, but if there are none, then that would mean that we can rest for a little bit.

Also, we would have to conduct regular meetings with the local authorities as the state has different building codes, zoning bylaws, and other things that need to be addressed.

If we are not doing the aforementioned things, we would just be in the studio coming up with new and innovative ways to make our clients happy.

What a Typical Workload for You?

Well, we would always say yes to every opportunity that comes in our way. But, having worked in this industry for more than two decades now, I can really tell that you also need to establish a work-life balance.

Putting so many hours at work can leave your family unhappy (despite the fat paycheck) and putting in only a couple of hours of work can have a profound impact on your deadlines.

So really, it is all about balance.

What is the Hardest Part of Being an Architect?

Well, an architect’s job is quite challenging because you want to make a lot of people happy with your designs and how the job is executed.

You will have to undergo a series of coordinating events with the different stakeholders and be able to adapt to certain changes- if there are (which usually is the case).

What Advice Can You Give to Aspiring Architects?

If you are going to be an architect someday, make sure that you know how to set your priorities. Never be frustrated and never become vulnerable because this job is actually quite of a wild ride.

Some clients will be rude, there might be some setbacks, and you might come across a situation that you have not anticipated.

All those things should be remembered, whilst making sure that your designs can actually improve the lives of your clients.

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