August 11, 2020

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog

Do the following when writing content for your blog:

Include compelling images.

Learning to earn money through blogging in Malaysia, you should explore even the most basic, yet amazing techniques. Putting engaging images on your posts may sound simple, but if you do it right, this can make a positive difference in your blog performance. While people visit your blog to get the information they need, they also need visual stimulation.

Respond to the comments in your blog.

Responding to comments is a chance for you to further connect and communicate with your readers. Not all blog comments need responses, but see to it to respond to those that need it.

Find your own focus.

Know who your target readers are. Learn more about them. Once you get to know them more, that’s when you can focus on a niche category.

Be unique and relatable.

Be relatable, and find your unique voice. You are the only one who can set yourself apart from the rest of the other bloggers online. Let your audience get to know you amore.

Don’t do the following when writing content for your blog:

Set unrealistic blogging goals.

You know your abilities and schedule a lot better than anyone else. Thus, don’t attempt to publish a new blog post every single day if you really can’t. Streamline your entire creative process. Feel free to start each week.

Make grammar and spelling mistakes.

It’s fine to make some spelling and grammar mistakes while working on your online article. However, you need to correct them before publishing it. If you want your audience to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously, too.

Write negative thoughts.

It is not wise to air personal grievances publicly. You can do so if that is really your blog’s theme. Trust me, you will go a lot further if you write supportive, inspirational and positive content.

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