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Should You Place a Bet the Night Before the Race?

Should You Place a Bet the Night Before the Race?

Placing Bet A Night Before The Race

Are you a Betfair Trader? If so, you might find that there are plenty of tactics that will give you the best chances of getting profits through the online share trading.

One tactic would be to get up early and look at the horses that are going to race during that day. Look at the favorites and see if it is most likely going to win by inspecting the physical condition of the horse.

But, another tactic that some people do not use is by actually placing bets the night before the race. Why does this work?

Should You Place a Bet the Night Before the Race?

Well, the reason why you want to do this is that there are not much liquidity or price movements happening overnight.

Typically, people would just rise up early and then the prices will start to move again. However, there are only a handful of traders that are online during the night, so you can safely place a bet with minimal problems the night before.

The price of the bets typically goes down during the day that is why placing a bet overnight can be very advantageous to you from a price action standpoint.

Another thing that you should know about is that there is plenty of inside information that people inadvertently spread all over the internet. If you can get a hold of this tipster’s information, then you should make changes accordingly.

A common example of this would be that the tipster usually hands out 4 or 5 horses that are most likely going to win. The insider information will give you some knowledge about the racehorses– their conditioning, their training, and so on.

Once you know which horses they are, place a back bet on each one and also place a lay bet lower than what you’ve initially put in the back bet. This is so that whatever happens, you’re only going to lose a small amount of money while still earning some profits as well.

Remember that you do this during the night before, so place your bets accordingly. Once that is done, you will find the next morning that your bets are going to be matched which simply means that you’ve just increased your chances of winning just by doing the things that I’ve mentioned in the last paragraph.

Additional Tips

Make sure that you make use of a pretty good online trading program. I highly recommend BetTrader because it has a really nice user-interface and all of the functionalities are within your reach with just a few clicks.

Seriously, it is so easy to use that even a complete beginner can use it without a hitch. Just make sure that you’ve set the parameters right and place your bets accordingly.

The next thing you will know; you have racked up the profits!

Should You Place a Bet the Night Before the Race?

Be sure to use this tactic on pretty much every trade so that you can earn a lot of money. A lot of people do not know this and those who do, never even tried. Make use of this to gain an edge.