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Core Features Every Webmaster Should Know When Looking at Different Web Hosting Packages

The Core Features of Web Hosting

Every webmaster knows how important a web hosting service is because, without it, their websites will all be for nothing since it won’t be accessible online.

That being said, the best shared hosting has become quite a popular option to take nowadays simply because it is affordable and it comes feature-rich at an inexpensive price.

However, it might be hard for one to choose the best one based on their needs, so today, I am going to discuss some core features that every webmaster should know when looking at different web hosting packages.

Keep in mind that this article is only restricted to shared web hosting based on web servers running the Linux operating system. Without further ado, let’s get started with the discussion!

Control Panel

The control panel is basically the main interface of your web hosting account. It gives you plenty of information about your website, including key performance metrics, key features such as emails, data that comes to and from your website, and a host of other things.

The cPanel is the most common one out there and it provides the right information that every webmaster needs to know about the websites they’re running.


This is another important thing to look at. Bandwidth is essentially how much data goes in and out of your website. Of course, there are unlimited packages out there, but you may fork additional money that would just go to waste if you’re not actually eating a whole lot of it per month.

Instead of getting unlimited bandwidth plans, you can save more money by looking at the control panel and see how much traffic you’re getting per month. Get the average and then get the plan that suits your needs.

Disk Storage

If you are going to upload a lot of images, documents, and just about any file on the web server, you’re going to want to have a web hosting service that provides you with ample storage data.

Typically, you can get 200GB of storage allocation from some cheap hosting services out there. But, you still want to have some quality, so be sure to look at the reviews and see if the service provider deserves some of your hard-earned money.

Script Installation

Webmasters who employ certain aspects on their website like the creation of a blog or perhaps adding a forum section on their webpage know that in order for them to do those things, they will need to install and run some scripts.

This is a very tedious process if you have to do it manually, so be sure to find a hosting service that allows for automatic script installation.

Reliable Service Uptime

Last but definitely not the lease, you want to get a shared web hosting service that guarantees considerable and lengthy server uptime.

In fact, you want to get a web hosting provider that gives you the ability to run your website 99.99% of the time- with that 0.01 allotted for server maintenance.

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