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5 Web Development Trends to Watch in 2018

The web design world is continuously changing. Once in a while, user expectations grow, and fresh technologies emerge. There are endless new functions, websites, features and apps.

As a website developers thriving in a constantly changing landscape, being updated with all the changes is imperative. No one can set accurate predictions, so it’s crucial to understand how the web development field is moving. You need to anticipate which elements will make the largest impact.

Know where the industry is headed this 2019. Here are some trends to watch out for.

1.Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are gradually rising in the industry. We will definitely feel the big influence of mobile technology in this trend. They behave and look like mobile applications, but they are actually web pages that work well in browsers.

As people of today continuously build strong relationships with applications, the more it becomes powerful. Progressive apps load quickly and sends push notifications, even on faulty networks. You can see an icon at the home screen, and it works efficiently, delivering a top-level screen experience.

Progressive web apps provide tons of advantages. Offline work is possible, and it loads pretty fast since much of the data is stored in the cache. They are different from mobile applications in a way that they don’t require installation, and can be discovered through a search option.

2.Single-Page Websites

Single-page websites are results of the browsing habits of users themselves. The decline of desktop browsing is nothing new, so this further reiterates the fact that developing and designing for smartphones and other devices should be prioritized.

Websites today should be all about speed and simplicity and speed. Users appreciate a minimalist look, and convenient browsing. Since single-page websites only have one long page, there is no room for traditional menus and complex navigational systems. Instead, the web page is structured into different logical sections.

The user only needs to scroll down in one continuous motion, or click on anchor links in order to jump to the relevant section. Single-page websites can look good on various devices. They are also scroll-friendly, and can help improve conversions.

3.Goodbye, Flash

Every year, trends simply come and go. One of the trends that will come to the exit door this 2019 is flash. For many decades now, Flash has been a go-to choice in displaying different website animations.

There are many factors that led to the death of flash in the industry. This includes frequent crashes, incompatibilities, lack of mobile browser support and security issues.

The replacement? HTML5. It is the low-maintenance, secure and high-performance solution to Flash’s downsides. A reliable alternative, it enables web designers and developers to make SEO-friendly animations with utmost convenience.

If you are loyal Flash user from before, then it’s time to transfer all of your content to HTML5. It’s gradually becoming an industry standard.

4.Artificial Intelligence

People who require constant connectivity have high user expectations. As much as possible, they need 24/7 access to various information and answers. This is where chatbots and virtual assistants come in. They are gradually becoming part of the norm, so web designers and developers should completely understand the technologies behind them.

Interactions depending on context will play a vital role, focusing on real-time situations, instead of static user experiences. Make sure to give yourself a great AI introduction. Read about relevant frameworks and platforms!

5.Website Push Notifications

Push notifications are not only utilized by mobile applications. Different websites are also using this efficient engagement tool. Why? Business websites continue to look for different methods to further communicate their value propositions at the right moments.  As long as the push notification option is enabled, the user can get helpful updates, even if the website is not open.

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